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By the grace of srIman nArAyaNan, AzhwArs and AchAryas, we now have a new website which is aimed to be a huge repository of literature, study material, fun activities for children - all related to our srIvaishNava sath sampradhAyam. We are very happy to release this website on this auspicious day of thiruvAdi pUram, when bhUmi dhEvi mercifully descended as ANdAL in this world.
piLLai/piLLAi relates to young children and new comers to sampradhAyam. Though there is a lot of content for such audience to start with, this new website also has wonderful variety of contents for all types of audience.

To begin with, we have built the following features in this website:
* Presentations ( - Series of presentations which gives a brief idea about bhagavAn, AzhwArs, AchAryas, dhivya prabhandhams, etc.
* Beginner's guide ( - A very innovative series of articles where a grandma teaches her grand children about our sampradhAyam basics in very simple terms with lively examples.
* Puzzles ( - lots of jigsaw puzzles and word puzzles - kids will greatly enjoy them, elders too.
* Games ( - An online game and some group games to spend our time meaningfully during free time
* Tutorial ( - A series to learn samskrutham in a step-by-step manner - this will greatly help us go deep in to our sampradhAyam literature
This is just the beginning. We are planning to add a lot more valuable content into this website in the near future and there will be periodic updates.

We welcome everyone to visit our new website and enjoy the various contents that are available there.

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan
on behalf of team

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