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About Vanamamalai

A brief description of the kshetram and mutt by our jeer.

A brief account on Shree Vanamamalai Divyadesha and Shree Vanamamalai Mutt

Author: Shree Kaliyan Vanamamalai Ramanuja Jeer Swami

Shree Vanamamalai Divyadesha is one of eight Bhooloka Vaikuntas, which are otherwise called as Swayamvyakta Kshetras, from among 106 - Shree Vaishnava Divyadeshas that are existent on our Mother Earth. Vanamamalai Divyadesha is very famous all over Northern parts of India, as "Shree Thodadri Divya Kshetra" Vanamamalai and Thodadri are the names of Main Moola Murthi of the holi temple here. In the course of time the name "Vanamamalai" became the name of this pilgrimage centre also. This Divyakshetra has got its existence for the past about two thousands years historically and mythologically about five thousand years to its credit.

The following are the extraordinary distinctions of this Divyadesha :

1) Nammazhwar, Shree Satakopa, the fore most of all Azhwars (greatest Bhaktas/ Devotees of Lord Shreeman Narayana) made his Sharanagati/Prapatti (complete surrender) to Shree Deivanayaka of this Thodadri Kshetra only. Because of this factor, in the Satari, the peetha of Lotus feet of the Lord, Shree Nammazhwar's Vigraha/Moorthy has been installed and there is no separate sannadhi of Shree Nammazhwar in the temple.

2) Pure Gingili Oil anointing of main Moola Moorthy is performed daily. This started at the time of excavation to bring out the Moola Moorthy of Lord Thodadri Natha, many hundred years ago, to arrest bleeding created with the spade on the holy head of the Lord. THe bleeding was arrested, as per invisible God-voice and significantly from that time onwards daily oil-anointing is performed. This holy oil is deposited in a open well in the temple premises. This oil has hailed as a most powerful medicine to all external and internal diseases. From all the corners of our Bharat, people come and take this oil.

3) Here is a great Vaishnavaite peeta, the Vanamamalai Mutt otherwise very famous in Northern part of our country - as Shree Thodadri Mutt. It has 62 branches all over India and Nepal. This Mahapeeta has many many thousands of disciples / sishyas to its credit. As the peetadhipathi Sanyasins / Jeeyars are hereditary trustees of the temple here, the Math and the Temple have got inextricable connection with each other.

4) Shree Vanamamalai Mutt is about 650 years old and from the first Jeeyar Swami / Pontiff-Shree Ponnadikkal Jeeyar, Many great scholars, unparalleled devotees and Mantrasiddha Mahapurushas have adorned this Mahapeeta.

5) 25th Peetadhipati Shree Chinna Kaliyan Vanamamalai Ramanuja Jeeyar Swami, we take an example among Jeeyars. This great Swamiji became Peetadhipati in the year 1905. He adorned the peeta till 1933. He ascended the throne in the age of 28 years. He was on the peeta for 28 years. From among these 28 years for 14 years he was in Vanamamalai and the rest 14 years he was in his Divine Divyadesha Yatra. How wonderful very even division was there in his life-span !.This was certainly by the Grace of almighty. Shreemath Paramahamsa Chinna Kaliyan Jeeyar Swami earned thousands of great and true sishyas to the mutt, spread our Vaishnava cult all over India and earned enormous wealth, to our Shree Mutt. The first Rashtrapati of India Shree Babu Rajendraprasad and all his family members were very devoted desciples of Vanamamalai Mutt. Very great scholars of all Shastras, were at that time Aasthana Vidvans of the Mutt. In quintessance we may call that time as Golden age of the Mutt.

Last Updated on 26 November 2013