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srIvaishNava education portal - Videos

srIvaishNava education portal - Videos -

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Dear all

On this auspicious final day of thirumozhi uthsavam (pagal paththu) - adhyayana uthsavam, we are happy to release a new section "Videos" in our website. Currently we have added one drama (video) on mAmunigaL's life ( and another presentation on poigai AzhwAr ( which is a part of AzhwArs series.

Also, telugu translation of the "gIthA and thiruvAimozhi comparison" presentation (translated by chakravarthy chUdAmaNi ammangar) is added in the presentation section (

We request everyone to view the contents oneself and engage their children in going through the available content in detail. Please feel free to send your feedback as well.

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan
on behalf of team

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