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30th Jeeyar

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His Holiness Sri Kaliyan Vanamamalai Jeeyar [ Current Jeer Swami ]



From 1994 to 2014 Charama Slokam

  • Our Srimat Paramahamsetyadi Jeer Swami (His Holiness- HH) says very proudly, with great love and regard that he is the son of the soil- viz- Sri Vanamamalai.

  • HH Swamiji’s poorvashrama parents belonged to respected vaidika families.  His holiness’ father (in poorvaashramam – prior to accepting sanyaasam) Mahavidvan Sri U.VE. Vadhyar Srinivasayyangar Swami was a renowned and extremely knowledgeable scholar in all the four shastras – particularly in Nyaya Shastra and Vedanta.  Also, he was a famous Vidvaan in Dharma shastras and Astrology.  Had HH’s father (poorvashrama)  still been on this earth now, he would be 117- years old.  Srinivasanayyangar swami was thickest of friends with Mahavidvan, Mahamahimopadhya Sri U.VE. P.B Annagaracharya swami.  Both of them were around the same age.  HH Swamiji’s mother (Poorvashrama) belonged to a famous Vidvat-Kutumba, her revered father Sri Sundaram ayyangar was holding the post of Rayasam for three generations of the pious dynasty of Sri Vanamamalai Mutt.   Our swami’s grand father (poorvashrama)  was a great scholar in Music, Shastras, and fluent in the following languages – Tamil, Sanskrit, Hindi, Telugu, Kanada. Gujarati & Rajasthani.  He was born in the year 1867 A.D.  He was on this earth till our Swamiji’s upanayanam.

  • Our Swamiji was born on 22-11-1932 – Corresponding time – Angeerasa Varsha, Karthikai Month 7th day with the Star Pooram (Poorvaphalguni) and Tuesday.  Notable point here is that our Swamiji’s birth star and birth day of the week are the same as that of Sri Andal / Goda devi.

  • HH Swami’s initial studies up to oriental Entrance Examination of T.N. Govt. were at Sri Ramanuja Vidyalaya of Nanguneri.  Then he completed the Vyaakarana Siromani course for four years in R.D.S. College, Madurai (from 1948 to 1952).  Swamiji received First Rank and Gold Medal.  This ranking and Medal were given taking into account All Siromani Branches – viz- Sahitya, Vyakarana, Mimamsa, Vedanta and Jyotisha.

  • HH Swami entered his holy profession of Teaching in the year 1952 and retired in 1992, after performing service of a little more than four decades.

  • HH equipped himself gradually, as a post Graduate in four languages – viz- Sanskrit, Tamil, English and Hindi.  He is also a Ph.D. in Sanskrit.

  • HH Swamiji took his Samashrayanam at the lotus Feet of the 27th Peetadhipati Jeer of Sri Vanamamalai Mutt in the year 1941.  He became the 30th (Jeeyar, Peetadhipati) of this famous Sri Vanamamalai Mutt on November 10th 1994.  This day was a very auspicious day – viz- Shravana Thirunakshatra Day of Poigai Azhwar, Sri Pillai Lokacharya, Lord Balaji, Sri Swami Desikan, the second Pontiff of Sri Vanamamalai Mutt and also the 17th Jeeyar swami.

  • Swami started his discourse / oration service in the year 1951 itself.  HH has given hundreds of discourses in all the various languages listed above.

  • In the year 1953, HH gave written Vyaakarana Pareeksha in Veda Vedanta Vardhini sabha, Tiruvallikeni and got First Rank and Prizes.  Also HH participated in a Sanskrit Elocution contest, with 16 participants from different Universities.  He received first rank and prizes from Sri.U.Ve.Mahavidvan P.B.A.Swami, who was the chief Judge for the contest.

  • Our Swami HH is an excellent writer of short stories, poems etc. in all four languages; several of his writings have been published in different magazines.

  • Our swami’s Kalakshepam of Sri Bhashyam and Bhagavad vishaya was from his most revered (poorvashramam) father and special study of Nyaya shastra, Vedanta shastra and our Sampradaya Rahasya Granthas.

  • The pinnacle of his writing was the complete metrical translation of Thirukkural.  Its merit was published with the financial assistance of Govt. of India in the year 1978.  It was published by Sri U.Ve. Puthur Krishna Swami Iyangar of ‘SriVaishnava Sudarshanam’.  It has received appreciation from Sri U.VE. Mahavidvan PBA Swami, Padmavibhushan Dr. V. Raghavan, and subsequently HOD (Head of Dept.) of the Sanskrit Department of Madras University and other scholars.

  • Our Swami HH has dedicated an Ivory Palanquin for Nammazhwar in Azhwar Thirunagari. He performed a great and creditable Kainkarya by coating in gold the Thirumana Thune (Aalamba Aamoda Sthambha) in Srirangam right in front of periya perumal.  HH harbors a great desire to perform many such kainkaryas at Vanamamalai and other Divyadeshas.

  • HH has constructed a branch of our Vanamamalai Mutt at Tirumala and has been successfully accomplished by the grace of Tirumalai Appan.

  • HH has made several Divyadesha yatras and has to his credit five Chaturmasya Vratams out-of-station viz. at Hyderabad in 1996 & 2005, at New Delhi in 1997, 2000 and 2006.

  • HH has earned very valuable Shishya Sampati – thousands of disciples within our Mother land India, Nepal and also abroad.

  • The opinion of all people about our Swamiji is that he is very approachable, accessible and thus extremely Sulabha.

  • Our Swamiji’s 75th Thirunakshatram (birth anniversary) was celebrated at Chennai (Thiruvallikeni) for three days on December 1, 2, & 3, 2007. Thousands of devotees from all over India very enthusiastically participated, enjoyed and greatly benefited.  In connection with this great occasion, Mangalashasanas were performed at Tiruchanur, Tirupati and Tirumala, with all excellent Temple Maryadas on 4th & 5th December.  On 7th December, Mangalashasana Vaibhava was held in a similar manner at SriRangam.

  • At last but not least, an additional piece of news:  Our Swamiji flew to and from Chennai to participate in the 107th Annual Music Festival of Sri Parthasarathy Sangeeth sabha.  He accorded the Sangeeta Kala Sarathy award to Mumbai Jayashree, a much renowned Musician and delivered his fitting Anugraha Bhasana.

  • With the divine grace of Sirivaramanga sametha Sri deivanayaka perumal and the esteemed acharya parampara of the vanamamalai mutt, these are some of the legendary highlights of our Swamiji’s ongoing kainkarayas to sampradayam and society.

Last Updated on 06 November 2014